Bot & Automation
for EVE Online
30+ bots, 14.000+ nodes

EVE Master is an complex solution for creation, customuzing and playing bots for EVE Online. It covers 95% of EVE Online activities. Safe to use EVE Online bot in 2024.

EVE Master CLI

Free to use

The most advanced bot for EVE Online. It may control mouse & keyboard. Simulate human mouse movement, fake mouse refresh rate. Play sound alarm, convert text to speech, send Discord messages and REST http(s) requests. Keep EVE Online window on top when need to interact with it.

You may run multiple bots simultaniusly for multiple EVE Online windows. Also it is a tool for bot creation and customizing.



EVE Master securely reads EVE Online memory in real-time, it is safe, fast and can't be detected by the game or third parties.

The scanned EVE memory became indexed, that means any future request into a memory will be executed much faster.

EVE Master does not emit any footsteps in your system, that makes the app very secure and undetectable.

To move mouse and press keyboard button EVE Master has smart system underhood to fake a human behaviour.

EVE Master security
EVE Master isk farming

ISK idle farming

Leave EVE Master to work for you when you are sleeping, at work / school. Choose any bot you preffer to cover your needs and your style of making ISKs in EVE Online.

Automaze boring ISK farming. What is your favorite way to get ISK in EVE Online? Ratting anomalies, Mining Belts or Moons, Hauling, Abyss? EVE Master covers all of that.

Do you need something else? Or would you like to have unique bot to be even more secure. Just create a new bot for your custom needs.

Create and customize

Bot creation

The video above shows how to create simple custom bot in 30 seconds. This bot checks current ship shield value, if the value is less then 50% the bot docks ship to "My Home Station". That is as simple to create bots. Also, you can save this canvas as a node and use it as nested node in another canvas.

Bot logic is made of nodes. Node is a single logical unit, such as "Integer Add" node. It just gets sum of two integer variables. There are 14.000+ nodes like that. EVE Master executes the sequence of nodes in real time to make it real. The node canvas is available to see and edit in "EVE Master classic" also known as "EVE Bot editor".

Node Store

Node Store

Node Store is a marketplace where you can find nodes for faster development. For example UI.Find nodes, they are responsible for finding right UI elements in the game. Or bunch of nodes for interactions with Drones in the game. It is very useful for custom bot creation.