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Ideal for ship with drone setup. Required Abyssal launch bookmark save as Abyssal #1, You can create a node to used this node and pass in you choice of Number of Abyssal. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Shortcuts ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Combat: "A" for Approach "E" for Orbit "R" for Keep At Range "T" for Lock Target "Q" for Show Info Drones: "G" for All Drone: Return to Drone Bay Modules: "Space" for Active Medium Power Slot 4 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- General Overview with Celestial: Abyssal Trace selected.
Node IDb4a5e208-448f-4ed9-8f15-7051e7ba4f78
Node Version36
Node ProYes
Node Authordinhle
Node StatusPublic - visible for everyone
Node Downloads34


Name Type Default
Filament Name String Tranquil Gamma Filament
Default Orbit String Biocombinative Cache
Number of Abyssal Integer 4

Internal nodes

Total amount of nodes inside is: 13

Count Node ID (version) Node Title (version)
root.start (v.0)
root.start (v.0)
root.exit.success (v.0)
root.exit.success (v.0)
1 cc8c4ebf-0d71-4136-b44a-fb016bbe0aa9 (v.1) Is Docked (v.1)
1 0ab4b214-35b5-4b8b-87a6-77f64bfe0b87 (v.10) Undock (v.10)
root.variable.local.get.string (v.0)
root.variable.local.get.string (v.0)
1 b7ba723d-4e4b-4489-b7d6-4114a4ba45b5 (v.2) Is Abyssal Dead Space (v.2)
1 63170cec-8146-40aa-a1b8-9bde73f0cc88 (v.47) Abyssal Enter (v.47)
1 ddb3155d-8223-462e-9c3b-af86ea452a96 (v.14) Abyssal Warp to (v.14)
root.variable.local.get.integer (v.0)
root.variable.local.get.integer (v.0)
2 4efc63cd-4bb0-43cb-a2c4-dd2bd679bccf (v.5) Abyssal Transition (v.5)
1 f91c554b-a284-4edc-ad2b-140cea732e53 (v.30) Abyssal Fleet Activate Conduit (v.30)
1 c7e9a5bb-d0fe-43c0-a283-68d156e23e71 (v.35) Abyssal Simple Loot Room (v.35)
1 e0c78271-823c-47ad-b6d3-40c9dfede75b (v.30) Abyssal Simple Combat (v.30)