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Closing all appeared dialog windows by choosing specific actions in the windows List of predefined choices Join Fleet - No EDENCOM Forces - OK Information - Cancel Slow Down - OK Connection Lost - Quit If there is no predefined window, choosing first available button from this list Cancel Close Quit No OK Yes
Node ID6493b7ee-ae46-411e-9d95-aeacb81a8c3c
Node Version0
Node ProYes
Node AuthorMaster
Node StatusPublic - visible for everyone
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Name Type Default
Rescan Bool True

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Count Node ID (version) Node Title (version)
root.start (v.0)
root.start (v.0)
root.exit.success (v.0)
root.exit.success (v.0)
5 adb74937-c297-4e83-b77d-ce6f94e88211 (v.10) Dialog press button (v.10)